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What’s on Your Home Improvement List?

You don’t have to wait for springtime to start thinking about cleaning and home improvement projects around your home. Here at Wiggins Construction Company, we are here to help you tackle the items on your list, so you can enjoy a functional space year-round. Listed below are just a couple of items we can help you cross off your list when it comes to home improvement in Green Cove Springs, FL.Home Improvement Green Cove Springs FL

New Garage

Are you tired of parking outside or not having enough storage space for your outdoor equipment? Let our contractors build your family a new garage.  A detached garage is ideal for many families in Florida because they are able to use it for additional storage and parking.


Regardless of how massive or tiny your remodeling project is, you can depend on our team to get it done on schedule. We can help you renovate your entire kitchen from the cabinets to the floors or we can just replace the countertops if you want to upgrade the style. Just let us know how you would like us to renovate your existing space.

With our team on your side, you can kick back and relax knowing that we are handling your home improvement project list for you. Give us a call at (904) 214-7999 to schedule a consultation.

3 Reasons to Build Your Home

As 2019 approaches, you might be considering looking for a home to buy. When you’re ready to become a homeowner, many people overlook building their home because they do not think they can do it. However, when you work with our team, we will help you stay within your budget to ensure you are able to afford your home. Check out a few reasons why you should build a home below.

Pick the Location

When you are buying a home, you are not able to pick the exact location where a house will be that you will love. You can look in certain areas that you want to live in or around, but when you build a home, you are able to pick the specific lot where your house will be built.

Customize to Your Exact Needs

From picking the type of floors that will be running through the house to the small details like the style of cabinets in the kitchen, you have the ability to design your home from the ground up. You can create your dream home to match your specific needs.

Choose the Layout

Whether you want to have a two-story house or the master bedroom on the opposite side as the kids’ rooms, you can select which layout works best for your family.

Connect with experienced home builders in Clay County, FL, by dialing (904) 214-7999 right now.

Add Home Improvement to Your Wish List

Are you thinking about what you want on your wish list? Do not be afraid to dream big this year and add home improvement to your list. Your family spends a lot of time in your house, so you should enjoy your surroundings. Take a look at the list underneath to decide which items you want to add on your wish list this year.Home Improvement Green Cove Springs FL

New Floors

Whether it is just one room or the entire house, let our team lay new flooring in your home.

Upgrade Kitchen

Cook meals in style when you upgrade your kitchen. From new countertops to kitchen cabinets, you can rely on our team for every aspect of your kitchen remodel.

Master Bathroom

Enjoy your own little oasis when you come home from work when you have an upgraded master bathroom. You can unwind in your own spa-like bathroom by turning to us for your renovations.

Room Addition

Finally get the additional space your family needs with a room addition. Whether you want to use it as a guest room, office, personal gym, or a hangout for the children, you will enjoy having the extra room.

Whether you are adding one or a couple of these items on your list, you can trust our team to help you check it off. Call our team at (904) 214-7999 for home improvement in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Accommodate the Family for the Holidays

With the upcoming holidays, you are probably wondering how you are going to accommodate the entire family in your home. Fortunately, there are ways you can free up some additional space to make your kitchen feel bigger. Take a look below for helpful tips that will allow your kitchen to appear bigger.Kitchen Remodel Green Cove Springs FL

Clear off Counters

The first phase in making your kitchen feel larger is to clear off unnecessary things from your countertops. You do not need things taking up space on your countertops because you will need room for food and cooking.


Setting up tables and making sure you have enough room for your family members to sit is vital when your home is the gathering place. You can get creative with your seating arrangements, but you will need to make sure everyone has a place.

Natural Lighting

Open up the curtains and let the natural light brighten up your home. The natural light will make your home and kitchen feel more open.

If these tips are not enough, you can always turn to our team for a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, or the surrounding areas. Request an estimate when you dial (904) 214-7999 right now.

How to Build Your Dream Home

When you decide to build your dream home for your family, there are so many things to consider. Here at Wiggins Construction Company, we want to help make the process of building your home is smooth and stress-free for you. Check out somethings to keep in mind to help you build the perfect house.Home Builders in Clay County FL

Find Ideal Location

Whether you want to be in the city or the country, finding the ideal piece of land to build on is essential. You could love your home, but not like the location because of a long commute to work or busy traffic, so you should carefully choose the location of your dream home.

Work With Dependable Contractors

You should choose contractors in the area that you can depend on to get the job done correctly. They should also work directly with you when something is not right or you need to change something. Our team will be there to help you throughout the entire construction process.


Setting a realistic budget is an excellent way to reduce stress. You should research the types of features you want in your home like countertops and flooring to understand precisely how much it will cost to build your dream home. We also recommend having money in the budget that is set aside for unexpected costs.

Reach out to trusted home builders in Clay County, FL, by calling (904) 214-7999 right now.

Essential Accent Features for a Stunning Bathroom

Taking time to renovate a bathroom in your house is easy when you turn to the team at Wiggins Construction Company. Our crew can help you remodel the entire space or help you with upgrading a few critical features like countertops and floors. Discover some accent features below that will help you transform your bathroom into a relaxing escape.Bathroom Renovations Green Cove Springs FL

Spa-Like Bathtub

Depending on which bathroom you are remodeling, you should consider adding a bathtub that will allow for a relaxing retreat, especially if it is the master bathroom. If you are unsure of how the bathroom layout will look, you can turn to our team for ideas.

Cabinet Space

Storage is a must, and the best way to make sure you have enough is to have additional bathroom cabinets installed.

Natural Light

Plenty of natural light is a must-have when remodeling a bathroom because it will help make the room feel larger and more open.

Schedule a design consultation for bathroom renovations in Green Cove Springs, FL, with Wiggins Construction Company by calling (904) 214-7999 today. Our remodeling crew will help you with the layout, accent features, and install everything for you, so you can unwind in your new bathroom as soon as possible.

Advantages of Room Additions in Jacksonville, FL

Is your family cramped in your current home? Do you need more space? If have noticed that you are asking yourself these questions, you could benefit from room additions in Jacksonville, FL. Keep reading below to discover the advantages.Room Additions Jacksonville FL


When you bought a home, you probably fell in love with the house and the location. After a couple of years, the house might have become too small, but you love the area where you are living. You might think your only option is to sell your home, but you can rely on us for room additions in Jacksonville, FL, so you can stay in the area you love with a house that has enough space.

Additional Space

Homeowners sometimes need more room than their house allows them to have, which is why many turn to us for room additions in Jacksonville, FL.  Whether your family is growing or you need an office space to work from home, you can count on our crew.

Design it the Way You Want

One of the benefits of adding on the home you own is you can design the room how you want from the dimensions to picking out the floors.

Request an estimate from our construction crew when you dial (904) 214-7999 right now and take a step towards having the space your family needs.

Home Improvement Green Cove Springs FL

Are you ready to change up your kitchen? Finding a company that you can trust to complete your renovation is easy when you turn to Wiggins Construction Company. Our construction crew is ready to help you with your kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, and the surrounding areas. Check out some of the things we can assist you with below.Kitchen Remodel Green Cove Springs FL

Change Layout

We have experience and the skill needed to change the layout of your kitchen to fit your needs. Whether you want to relocate the kitchen sink or the oven, you can trust our crew to complete the job.

New Cabinets & Countertops

Upgrading your kitchen countertops and cabinets is one way to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and home. Our team can install the cabinets and the countertops for you.

Remove Walls

In many homes, there are often walls that homeowners want to remove to open the space up. With our help, we can safely remove walls to help you enjoy an open kitchen.

These are just a few things our construction crew can help you with when you want to remodel a kitchen in Green Cove Springs, FL. Call the team at Wiggins Construction Company by dialing (904) 214-7999 today.

Let Us Tackle Your Home Improvement List

With fall approaching in Florida, you might be getting ready to cross off items on your home improvement list. Stop procrastinating and rely on our team to check everything off of your list no matter how big.Home Improvement Green Cove Springs FL

Upgrading a Room

From adding new flooring into the living room to remodeling the kitchen with new countertops and cabinets, we look forward to helping you cross off renovating a specific room of your list. Our contractors will keep you up-to-date with progress and budget, so you are always informed.

Building New Home

If you are looking for reliable home builders in the area, you can turn to Wiggins Construction Company for custom homes. We’ll work with you to understand your wants and must-haves in order to build you the ideal home for your family.

Expanding Your Home

Homeowners choose to have a new addition added to their current home for several reasons. From expecting a little one to having an in-law move into your home, some people need additional space that their current home is not offering.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable team members about home improvement in Green Cove Springs, FL, when you call our office at (904) 214-7999 right now.

Welcome to Our Blog

At Wiggins Construction Company, we want to share with you some of our services, so you can get an idea of how we can assist you. Check out a few of our home improvement services below.Bathroom Renovations Green Cove Springs FL

Room Additions

Whether you are adding to the family or you want to have an additional room for an office, you can depend on our construction crew to expand your home with a room addition.


Keep your vehicles and lawn equipment out of the weather with a new garage. Whether you want it attached to your home or in the backyard for storage, Wiggins Construction Company will bring your vision to life.


With help from our team, you can create a tranquil oasis for you to escape in without having to leave your home. We will create a retreat for you to enjoy every day with bathroom renovations in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Any Part of the Home

Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling an existing part of your current home, we are ready to complete the job. Our crew has experience working with all budgets and will work with you to complete your project.

Call our team at (904) 214-7999 for additional information about our home improvement services in Florida.